Anna Marassi

Anna was born in northern Russia in 1977 and since her childhood, she always felt attracted towards drawings, paintings, doll craft, miniature animals, etc. The long winters had passed by very quickly for Anya while she was entertained in her home with cloth, buttons, paintings, etc. The infancy later ended, and she was confronted to the new responsibilities and no longer could create things she liked doing, as education, work, and raising a child became her new priority.

In 2010, Anna moved to Argentina to form her new family. It took several years of adaptation and learning a new language before she could rejoin with her old passions, such as playing the piano and creating her own dolls. Without any formal education-while working in the dining room- she quickly found a way to express her art. In 2014, she and her family purchased a new home in Villa la Angostura, where she later established her own workshop and now spends most of her time there making dolls, whose presence fill the home. The house is situated on a wonderful mountainous region that is filled with lakes and forests that inspire Anya to create gnomes, trolls, small animals, and dolls.